About Watercolor Harps
Watercolor HarpsHarpists Tammy Naze and Cheryl Murphy have blended a fusion of Celtic, Classical, and Christian styles into this unique harp duo called Watercolor Harps. This labor of love and friendship has been inspired by the sights and sounds of living in Northeast Wisconsin near the shores of Lake Michigan and Green Bay.

Just as an artist uses different elements when creating a masterpiece, Watercolor Harps has painted a musical odyssey using combinations of various harps, colorful chords, Lake Michigan waves, the earthy sounds of a cello, birds chirping at dawn, unique keyboard sounds and more to take the listener on a journey.

So you are invited to escape into their impressions of the color palette with their watercolor sounds... audible imagery... to match your mood or create a new one.  Capture your color with harp music from Watercolor Harps.

Learn more about Watercolor Harps' unique approach to coloring music. >>

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