about coloring music:

Harp music to enhance your mood or create a new one.  Colorful music.Most people relate color to paintings, nature, clothing or other objects- not sound. However, harpists own the unique ability to create a palette of colors on the harp. Various sounds and colors can be created through articulation, voicing and dynamics by using our technique in different ways.

Beyond that, Watercolor Harps believes that when a musician applies a mental or visual aid, or better yet, gives thought to placing themselves in a specific time, place or temperament, their music is affected and they can share a song’s story without having to use lyrics.

Learning how to “color” in the sound is half the fun! When sharing the music, one should imagine the colors and mood in the music, and then create that emotional backdrop through their approach. Paying very close attention to the balance and voicing’s inside each solo or duet will also help convey the mood of the music.

Let the music from Watercolor Harps help you craft your sound into colorful presentations!

about our sheet music:

This music has been designed to gift each player with a special theme related to the colored emotional connection. All of the 6-piece collection is playable on either pedal or lever harps with pedal markings and diamond-shaped lever changes along with fingerings to support good technique.

All duets include a score and separate harp parts with performance guidelines and story behind the color in focus. Emotional cues are written into our sheet music and serve as a guideline to help navigate the musician and inspire listener.

Use Watercolor Harps to accessorize your repertoire and create a colorful atmosphere by sharing your story when you play the color of your choice.

About Us

Enter the world of Watercolor Harps.
Harp music for the listener and the musician looking to accessorize their musical wardrobe... imagery to help you feel it, play it, share it!

Pick your color today!

Solos & Duets designed to bridge the gap between the spectrum of emotions & colors to inspire you.

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